Happy Accident

My quilting experience began several years ago and my first quilting block was a Nine Patch. For those of you who do not quilt, a Nine Patch block consists of nine equal size squares of fabric sewn together to make a 3 square by-three-square block. The block is very versatile; and, wonderful colorful designs are made.


The Nine Patch is my favorite block. So, every year I try to do discover something new with the Nine Patch block. This year I decided to create my own unique Nine Patch block design. For my unique block, I sketched drawings and a trio of beautiful fabrics.


Beautiful Fabric Trio

Once the initial drawing was complete, I calculated the patch block sizes and did the arithmetic to produce my new block in the dimensions I wanted. I checked (and I thought) double-checked the measurements; I cut the various fabrics to create the block. I started stitching the fabric to pieces together, and was three quarters done when I discovered my mistake. The cut fabric sewn together did not create an even block. How could that be? I was so careful. Now what was I going to do? I loved my pattern, it was great. Well, after much pouting (yes, I do pout from time to time), I asked my mother for advice. Her suggestion was “Well, make the best of it.” What kind of advice was that? I have worked so hard on my unique block. I wanted to use that block. After I pouted more, I went to bed.


Comforter Top

The next morning, I awoke with a great idea. I would make the best of it. What an original thought. So, I made a slight change to the block design and added a piece and the result was great. What a happy accident.

Things turned out Great. Thanks, Mom!