Zeek Puppy Pillow


Zeek the Puppy Pillow

Gift the Perfect Pillow

This soft and cozy puppy pillow is the best gift for any child or grandchild. Ideal for boys and girls.

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Handmade Adorable Puppy Pillow

Perfect Gift for Any Occasions

Greet your child with our Handmade Adorable Puppy Pillow – a perfect bedroom companion that blends seamlessly with any decorating style.  Created with child-friendly fabrics Zeek the Puppy Pillow mimics a plump, cuddly puppy that bestows elements of charm and cuteness.  

The pillow showcases a perfect replica of an adorable puppy, crafted with extreme precision and attention to detail. The soft, plush fabric is gentle against the skin, making it a cuddly comforter for your child. In addition, the pillow’s handmade uniqueness propels its richness, making it desirable for kids. 

This exquisite item is an ideal gift for your grandchild, boy, or girl who cherishes puppies. The handmade process ensures each pillow is unique, just like your little ones.

Loveable Puppy Pillow  

This handmade puppy pillow measures 20″ x 20″ and is a charming adorable fun pillow. This puppy pillow is ideal for puppy lovers. It looks great in a bedroom even a living room.

Made with care and love this pillow

  • Outside fleece layer makes it soft
  • Inner pillow filling made with our special shredded foam and batting formula gives it a squishy feel/

Stand out with your gifts, making them feel extra special, and enhance the smile on their face with our Handmade Adorable Puppy Pillow.

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Product Details

Size: Approx. 20” diameter

Color: med brown, dark brown, Black

Product care instructions;

Hand wash cold and line dry


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