Zeek the Handmade Puppy Pillow


Zeek Handmade Puppy Pillow

Everyone wants a pillow to love. Especially a cuddly puppy pillow.

Children and puppy lovers will love cuddling with this wonderful handmade puppy pillow at home or in the car.  Zeek’s floppy ears and adorable face will make this soft puppy pillow a favorite. Handcrafted and made with love makes Zeek is very special.



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Handmade loveable Puppy Pillow is a must have for dog lovers

It is hard to imagine a better way to spread your love of dogs than to have this wonderful handmade puppy pillow.  Home accessories are a great way to show your love of dogs.  Show your guests and family how much you love puppies by adding this adorable pillow to your home’s décor.

Floppy ears, loveable smile and a red tongue, this handmade puppy pillow will win your heart. Children and adults love snuggling with a special pillow. This charming handmade puppy pillow will soon be a favorite. Mainly because it is made with care and love.

Delightful and loveable this handmade puppy pillow will bring charm to the

  • Bedroom – Place it in the middle of any bed for smiles every time you see it
  • Living room – Placed on that special chair will let everyone know how much you love dogs

Made from soft and cuddly fleece this pillow is guaranteed to never go flat. This wonderful handmade puppy pillow will last a lifetime.  If you love puppies or know someone that does, this pillow is a must have. Get this wonderful handmade pillow today.

Go. Make your home beautiful

P.S. This pillow is also great for naps and riding in the car.



Size 22” diameter

Color: med brown and dark brown
Product care instructions; Hand wash cold and line dry


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