One of the most enjoyable experiences when exhibiting Supreme Accents’ products at Art and Craft shows is the opportunity to see and meet very interesting people. We exhibit at about 20 different shows a year in approximately five states. While exhibiting at these shows, we get to meet artists and crafters who are displaying their talent at booths. The crafters talents are varied and interesting.

We also have the pleasure of meeting many show attendees. Folks stop by the booth to see our products. Some like the table runners and placemat sets, some attendees like the comforters, while others like the blankets. The kids especially like the whimsical pillows. The hamburger pillow is very popular. We get to meet kids of all ages, little kids, teenagers, and some adult kids. Some attendees are quilters. The quilters like to talk about their projects past and present. That is what happened last weekend.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to meet Kathy T from Maryland. As Kathy and her husband walked by the booth, she noticed a particular comforter and commented on it. She complemented the quilt and started to talk about her quilting project. That is how I discovered she was a quilter. Quilters are very social and enjoy talking about their quilting experiences. They belong to quilting bees, quilting guilds and/or clubs. They love going to quilting events whether they are local, regional, national, international or cruises.

So since Kathy T. and I are both quilters we started to chat about fabric, different quilting techniques, quilting challenges and of course quilting projects. Kathy T started talking about a quilt for her grandchild; and, she showed me pictures. Her quilt contained a highly detailed appliquéd pirate ship. What a great quilting project! I asked Kathy T if she would mind sending photos of her quilting project to share with you. So here they are.


The First Quilt Layout


Quilt Close-up


The Final Quilt

Thank you so much Kathy T for sharing.