About Us

We started Supreme Accents many years ago as an outlet for our creative passions..

Supreme Accents Splendor Light Table Runner 38 inches Long
Supreme Accents Tranquility Blue Accent Pillow Set

Quality, Creative Design, and Customer Service

We help our customers do two things:

  • Create a unique home environment that makes a special statement without a lot of fuss.
  • Nurture your living experience by surrounding yourself with beautiful things.
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Meet our team

We are a family collaboration between Esther, her daughter Debra, her granddaughter Shanna, and her son-in-law Leon



Esther is the driving force behind our whimsical pillows and blankets collection. She loves and understands children – and they continue to inspire her designs.



Debra is the head quilter and business owner. For over 40 years, Debra has been honing her sewing and quilting skills.


Shanna’s graphic design degree comes in handy as she expertly pairs patterned fabrics and aids in design choices.


Leon works behind to scenes to ensure that all customer orders are safely packaged and shipped in a timely fashion.

More about Supreme Accents

Over the years, we’ve been pleased to work with many wonderful and loyal clients; all of who are looking to invest in beautiful handmade items for the home. From handmade quilts, table runners, and pillows, to quilted table toppers and placemats, we’ve maintained a focus on creating home décor items that last many lifetimes.

We create and develope high quality unique, personal handmade home décor items. Using just the right accent pieces pushes your home interior beyond the ordinary every day. We cater to:

  • Those who want a home that is unique and special to them
  • Those who want a home that is comfortable and cozy
  • Those who want to express their style at home, their personal space.

As a family-owned and operated venture, Supreme Accents focuses on using quality fabrics and an eye for design to create both classic and contemporary décor. Every item is created in our home studio where we pay close attention to detail and innovation.

We are constantly experimenting with new techniques, styles, and designs. Take the time to browse through our current selection, visit us at one of our craft shows, and check back often. We look forward to sharing our craft with you!