Ladybug Handmade Pillow


Lolly Ladybug a Gardener’s Best Friend.

Dancing through fields of flowers. Laying on a pillow to gaze at the clouds. Smelling the aroma of flowers. Smiling at the beauty of nature…all of these things are captured in this wonderful handmade fleece pillow.

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Bring the outdoors into your child’s imagination.

Secret Garden and Mother Earth looks beautiful with this special garden theme pillow. Let your child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom become a special place with the wonderful handmade lady bug pillow. Your little one will love Lolly Ladybug.

  • Girls Room – Create a garden in your little girls nursery or bedroom.
  • For Babies and Toddlers – unique addition to the rooms design
  • Young Children – whimsical and lighthearted Lolly Ladybug has separating wings help her fly and works well for both toddlers and kids tastes.

Lolly Ladybug is handcrafted with care. One of our originals, she is still a favorite. Her soft body and her red wings with black pompoms makes her ready to fly. This wonderful handmade fleece pillow follows your personal style while still filling her room with beautiful buds and lady bug friends.

Go make your home beautiful. Get your Lolly Ladybug fleece handmade pillow today.

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Size 18” diameter
Color: Black and Red
Product care instructions; Hand wash cold and line dry


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