Ernie the Elephant Pillow


Hear the Trumpets of Elephants

Ernie the Elephant’s big eyes and fun trunk and tail makes this handmade pillow fun to play with and cuddle. Ernie is made from soft warm fleece. Your child will have fun playing around while swinging Ernie the Elephant’s tail and trunk.


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Go wild!  Enjoy the Safari.

Unleash your child’s love of animals with this handmade Ernie the Elephant pillow. Ernie the Elephant pillow will make your child’s room a dazzling display of both color and life. Chart a course through a safari themed inspiration. This wonderful Safari handmade Ernie the Elephant pillow is ideal for the child who loves everything about elephants or wild animals. This fun Ernie the Elephant pillow is

  • Ideal for a stroller and car- Girls and boys will enjoy looking at the different animals as they ride in the stroller
  • Kids bedroom décor – No matter where you are in the world, Safari is a popular choices
  • Perfect decor for the modern nursery. Ernie the Elephant Pillow looks great in a crib, on a chair or resting on a shelf.

Captivate your child with the colorful beauty associated with the many creatures of the planet Earth. Get your Safari fleece handmade pillow today.

P.S.   Have a look at our great Safari Animal fleece blanket it is wonderful with Ernie the Elephant handmade pillow.


Size 15” x 15”

Color: Light Gray

Product care instructions; Hand wash cold and line dry




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