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Past Quilting Marvels

Welcome to our enchanting world of textile artistry. A place where stitches tell stories and vibrant fabrics weave tales of creativity and craftsmanship. This page is a celebration of past quilting projects. Each quilt is a labor of love and a testament to the timeless art of quilting.

Diverse Creations

Dive into our past works that span the spectrum of creativity. Our past quilting projects reflect a journey through diverse styles, techniques, and inspirations. Whether it’s the warmth of a cozy, hand-stitched quilt or the bold statements made by modern patterns. Our projects are united by the common thread of dedication to the craft.

Please immerse yourself in the world of our past quilting projects. A gallery of creativity, passion, and the enduring beauty of handmade art.

Handmade Quilts


Handmade Accent Pillows

Handmade Table Runners

We are stunned. It is so beautiful!!!

We just opened our new quilt. We are stunned. It is so beautiful!!! It lights up the room. Thank you so much.  We consider ourselves quite lucky to have met you at Lyndhurst after all the many quilters we spoke to over the past year.

Laurie Mendik, 09/25/2023

Beautiful Napkins

The napkins arrived today and they are gorgeous! They are for my daughter – she has a big, neighborhood Thanksgiving so they will be perfect on her table.

Thank you so much!

Robin Breen Johnson, 08/29/2023

Customer service,Wait time, Quality

Wonderful ladies and so talented! Looking forward to enjoying our purchases!


Christine Gibson. 12/06/2022

Customer service

Thank you for your custom options, excellent quality, and patience and guidance!

Debra Gilmore, 2/11/2022

Customer service, Quality

Beautiful hand made items that I had been looking for. Friendly customer service with care information for long lasting usage.



Kimberly Weitzel, 12/2/2022

Beautiful Work

Thank you so much! i love the two pieces I got from you!! You do beautiful work! 

Wendy R


Spring Flowers Quilted Table Runner

This table runner is perfect for my décor. I love it.

Janet Williams

The runners look great.

Debra I love them!! They were just what was needed to tone down the southwest. I also thought the packaging was such a nice touch.