Elegant Dinner Table Napkin Set of 4


Elegant Dinner Table Napkins

Make a stunning table setting with these dining table napkins. Shop now for these beautiful cotton dinner napkins.  

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Stunning Elegant Dinner Table Napkins

Add a touch of elegance and festive charm to your dining table with our Elegant dinner table napkins. These beautiful dining table napkins are designed to capture the magic of the season. Making them ideal for holiday dinner parties and family get-togethers. These cotton dinner napkins’ classic design brings a delightful seasonal touch.

Made from eco-friendly cotton, our cotton dinner napkins protect precious tableware from spills and stains. Expert craftsmanship goes into each napkin. Thus ensuring a long-lasting and durable addition to your holiday table settings.

Beautiful Dining Table Napkins

These elegant dinner table napkins measure a rich 17” x 17”. Furthermore, they make a great gift for someone with a classic style. These dining table napkins will look wonderful in a table setting for any special occasion.

 Handcrafted, these cotton dinner napkins

  • measure, Approx. 17” L x 17” W
  • Furthermore, these dining table napkins feature generous hemmed edge
  • They’re machine washable because they’re 100% cotton. Excellent for everyday dining.

Our handcrafted dinner table napkins are lovingly created, making each piece truly unique. Give your dining table a festive makeover with these one-of-a-kind winter napkins, and impress your guests with your impeccable taste and style this holiday season.

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Cotton Dinner Napkins Product Features

Product Type: Dinner Table Napkin

Size: Approx. 17” L x 17” W

Colors:          Burgundy and gold

Shape:           Square

Washable: Yes

Iron Safe: Yes

Handmade: Yes

Product Details

Material: 100% cotton

Product Care: Machine-wash in cold water, gentle cycle.
Use only non-chlorine bleach, if needed.
Soft or air-dry
Warm iron as needed.

Patterns may vary due to handcrafting. 

Dinner Table Napkins FAQ

Which are better: cotton dinner napkins or paper napkins? 

Firstly, cotton dinner napkins are more environmentally friendly. At the same time, paper napkins cannot be reused due to food residues. Even though recycling paper waste has gotten greater attention in recent years. Using cloth napkins remains a more eco-friendly choice.  

What is the best material for dinner table napkins? 

In our view, 100% cotton or linen are the superior fabrics for napkins. Not only are they easily cleaned, but they also boast longevity. Furthermore, their softer texture makes them ideal for creating intricate napkin folds.

How do you care for cotton dinner napkins? 

For the optimal care of cotton dinner napkins, we advise washing them in cold water on a gentle cycle. Following this, use a tumble dryer on a low setting. Or allow them to air dry until slightly damp. Finally, iron the napkin on the reverse side to ensure a crisp appearance.


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