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Dinner Table Napkins – How to Instantly Add Vibrant Elegance to Your Table in an Amazing Way

Dinner Table Napkins - An Incredible Way to Instantly Add Vibrant Elegance to Your Table Blog Post Cover

The dining room table is a frequently underutilized canvas for design possibilities. Any table arrangement benefits from the finishing touch of fabric napkins. Whatever your taste, our amazing napkin collection will quickly give your dining space a festive feel! When it comes to organizing an amazing meal, the details really make the difference. A party… Read more »

Gratitude and Attitude – 23 Motivating Quotes to Inspire

Gratitude and Attitude 17 23 Motivating Quotes to Inspire   Lately a lot of friends, acquaintances and even strangers want to talk about their despair. Despair about family, friends, current events, and children. The list can be quite large.  My standard response has become “The universe will correct itself” and although I firmly believe this. … Read more »

The Gift of a Handmade Quilt

Quilting has been practiced for a very long time by grandmothers, mothers, and even young children. It’s a time-tested custom that has been passed down through the centuries, with each individual adding their own unique twist. Everyone can appreciate the incredible ingenuity and craftsmanship that goes into quilting. Learn why quilts are unique when thinking… Read more »

Living Space Upgrade Quest

Changing the look and feel of my Living room, Dining room, Kitchen and outdoor deck has been on the first page of my Things to Do list for several years now. It has also been on the fourth page of my spouse’s Things to list. After much consideration and many discussions, it was decided to… Read more »

Baby Shower

I met a young woman who to her and her husbands delight was pregnant.  That led to many conversations about babies; baby names, baby habits, nursery rhymes and nursery colors, etc. A group of us decided to give her a surprise baby shower. Baby shower meant baby quilt.  Therefore, a new quilt project, yeah… I… Read more »


One of the most enjoyable experiences when exhibiting Supreme Accents’ products at Art and Craft shows is the opportunity to see and meet very interesting people. We exhibit at about 20 different shows a year in approximately five states. While exhibiting at these shows, we get to meet artists and crafters who are displaying their… Read more »


A friend of mine is trying to decorate her home. She has a new house, has been living in it for about a year and is excited about making her home more comfortable for her and her family. She decided to start with drapes. So off she went to the internet and stores to see… Read more »