Gratitude and Attitude - 17 Motivating Quotes to Inspire

Gratitude and Attitude

17 23 Motivating Quotes to Inspire


Lately a lot of friends, acquaintances and even strangers want to talk about their despair. Despair about family, friends, current events, and children. The list can be quite large.  My standard response has become “The universe will correct itself” and although I firmly believe this.  I have come to realize this is a response for the future; the belief that things will get better. By the way, they will.


So, you ask “What about how things are right now? The answer: gratefulness and appreciation. Take a look around. Appreciate and be grateful for where you are in life today. Is it the home you live in? Yes, the walls may need painting; but, think about the family and friends within it. Yes, your husband may snore- a lot; but, he may be the only one who really laughs at your jokes. Yes, your friend may not have returned a sweater; but, think about how much your friend is always ready to listen and not judge. Yes, school is out and the kids are ‘booored’ but think about how funny your children act when you mention a chore to relive the boredom.


Need inspiration for the goodness of appreciation and gratitude? Here are 17 23 quotes to send you on your way to the horizon of thankfulness.


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