Table Runners - A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color and Style to Any Room

Updated July 31, 2020

I often get questions about table runners. 

  • What are table runners used for?
  • What should I know about using table runners? 
  • What do you do with table runners?
  • What colors should table runners be?
  • What style of table runners should I choose?
  • Where do table runners go?
  • Where should I place a table runner?
  • Why should I use a table runner?
  • Do table runners have to hang off table?

So what are the answers when using a table runner? There are lots of questions and lots of ways to use table runners.  Let’s take a look. 

I grew up using place mats and napkins.  My mom was a working wife and mother. She was able to go to work, come home and have a meal on the table for the family every day. She kept a clean orderly home and found time for me and my father.  To this day, I still don’t know how she did it.

Once I started decorating my own home, I discovered table runners. When I first started my own home, I decorated in a style called “What Deb Likes (and can afford)”. I did not have a lot of money, so garage sales and thrift stores was where I found a lot of my furnishings and accessories. 

I was lucky enough to find a sturdy table that I liked for just the right price, free.  The table was the right size, and the color and style of the table went with my other furniture. There was a catch, although most of the table’s finish was fine, there was a small stain almost in the center of the table.   

So, of course, I called my mom to see if there was a solution.  She suggested a table runner. Hmmm, a table runner.

What are table runners used for?

Table runners are great because they protect the table’s surface, are very versatile, require little maintenance, and take up very little storage space. This was a great solution. I could hide the stain and protect the table from future damage. Thanks Mom.

Do table runners have to hang over?

This is the most popular question asked. The answer- it is your preference. The usual guideline is a table runner hang for a formal setting or decoration. A table runner can be shorter than the table if you desire a more casual look. So a table runner can be the best size for your taste.

A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color and Style to Any Room - Table Runner in Dining Room
Dining Room Image by Adamophoto – FreeRange

How to Decorate with Table Runners

What I have learned over the years is table runners can be used in any room of the home. There are lots of creative ideas for table runners. Whether your home is a house, apartment, camper or a boat, there is so much that can be done with a table runner. Table runners come in all shapes and sizes, so no matter the table size or style, there is a table runner available.

A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color and Style to Any Room - Table Runner on Buffet

Table Runners in the Dining Room

Traditionally table runners are positioned length wise in the center of the dining room table; but, there are lots of other places to use them.  The buffet is a great place and believe it or not on the dining room wall. 

A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color and Style to Any Room – Dining Room Camila Camacho

Although the traditional placement of table runners is popular.  Consider placing a table runner across the width of the table.  This works well with when combining place mat with table runners and give a more contemporary feel to the table.

A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color and Style to Any Room - Table Runner in Kitchen
In the Kitchen Image by Amber-Turner- Unsplash

Table Runners in the Kitchen

Table runners enhance the kitchen décor. What is really nice about table runners is they work well as a base for kitchen décor. They are a great place to keep the salt and pepper shakers, napkins (I love cloth napkins), decorative tea pots and more.

Whatever your kitchen décor table runners are available to add a little more zest. Supreme Accents has a variety of table runners for many tastes. 

There are other places for a table runner in the kitchen. Table runner are great for a kitchen island or a baker’s rack.  If your kitchen has a hutch, a table runner is a great item to place on the hutch to add color and charm.

Creative Ways to Use a Table Runner – At the end of the bed.

Table Runners in the Bedroom

Another great place to use a table runner is at the end of the bed.  In the winter over a spread it can add seasonal charm.  In the summer a table runner is a wonderful way to add color to the bed when the bed topper is removed.

The chest of drawers or bureau is a wonderful place to put a table runner.  These surfaces get a lot of wear and tear from keys, bottles and the like. So they protect the surface and add color and style.

Don’t forget the end tables, lamps, glasses and alarm clocks can mar the surface of your furniture.  Supreme Accents has lots of styles that match and coordinate.

Table Runner in the empty space above the bed.

Use a table runner for the empty space above your bed.  A colorful table runner adds color and design. It is quick and easy to change the table runner with the seasons.

Table runner highlights a cocktail table
Add color to tables with a table runner

Table Runners in the Living Room

Coffee tables and end tables are great places to add a table runner.  These surfaces are great places for adding color.

Table Runners In the Entry Way

This is a wonderful area to set the mood for entering your home. Guests and family alike will love the welcoming feel table runners add to your décor. Imagine a festive holiday table runner to celebrate the season.

A great table runner is also a foundation for a beautiful tablescape. The chest, console table or hutch placed in the entry area are wonderful areas for table runners.

Supreme Accents What to Know about Using Table Runners Console Table

Table Runners in the Family Room

The family room other than the kitchen is usually the most used area.  Kids play and adults entertain, so the coffee tables, console tables and end tables are great places for table runners.

Other areas are sofa tables, TV table and bookshelves. Supreme Accents has a great selections for any color, décor or taste.

A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color and Style to Any Room- Decorating for the Seasons

Table Runners for Seasonal Decorating

Table runners work well as wall decorations, especially for seasonal or holiday decorating. I often like to change the feel of my dining room especially during the holidays. 

Table Runners in the living Room

Table runners are a great starting point.  For July 4th, red, white and blue gets it place on the table, For Halloween, jack o lanterns become the star of the dining room table. Sometimes just have the table runner. At other times add a centerpiece, candles or other decorating items.

In the End

Table runners are great for adding color and design. Table runners add beauty, protect your furnishings and can be used in any room of your home. There are endless ways of using a table runner.   

Have any questions about table runners? We are here to help just send an email to or Contact us on Facebook or Twitter. We would love to hear how you use table runners. Our customers are always sharing their ideas and we like to pass those idea to others. 

Go make your home beautiful.

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2 Responses to “Table Runners – A Quick & Easy Way to Add Color and Style to Any Room”

  1. Lesleigh Kacin

    I’m wanting to buy a table runner to put on the top of a chest of drawers in the bedroom… but unsure of the size. Should it hang over the ends like on a dining table, fit exactly or show a bit of the furniture on each end??
    The chest of drawers’ top measures 86cm x 38cm

    • Debra Wiggins

      Since I cannot see the chest of drawers in the room, this answer is general.

      Table runners are meant to protect the surface and for beauty. Usually, table runners which hang over the ends is a more formal look.

      In this case, I am assuming your bedroom is not so formal, so not hanging the table runner over the end is a fine.

      If you want to protect the entire dresser, a table runner from end to end is a solution to consider.

      If you want to enjoy the beauty of the dresser top, a table runner that shows a bit of the furniture may be a the answer.

      I hope this helps.

      Please take advantage of the Ultimate Table Runner Size Guide. The link is Here


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