The Gift of a Handmade Quilt

Why Quilts Are Special

Handmade quilts are one of the most personal, special gifts that can be given to any loved one. They take time, thought, and love to be made. As you know, each patch of colorful fabric is hand-picked, placed, and sewed in just the right way so the quilt comes together beautifully. Whether the quilt has pictures, special pieces of fabric, old clothes, or just handpicked designs, they take much effort.

When to Gift a Quilt

  • A new baby
  • A special birthday (Sweet 16, 21st, etc.)
  • Graduation (Kindergarten, High school, College, Military)
  • Anniversary
  • House warming gifts
  • Wedding

How to Present a Homemade Quilt

A quilt can be presented in many different and creative ways. Since quilts are typically large and bulky, it can be difficult to wrap or bag it as you would a birthday or Christmas gift. Below are a few innovative ways to present your treasured creation:

  • The quilt can be rolled up like a sleeping bag and wrapped with a decorative ribbon around it to hold it together. This creates a beautiful presentation.
  • If possible, you could make a fabric bag or pillow case to hold the quilt. This could also come in handy if the recipient chooses to travel with the quilt!
  • A simple option: find a large enough gift box, place the quilt inside, wrap it up and place a bow on top. Ta-da! Classic gift-wrapping at its finest, just plus size!

Homemade Quilting Resources

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