The Finishing Touch- How a Christmas Tree Skirt Elevates Your Decor

The Finishing Touch - How a Christmas Tree Skirt Elevates Your Decor

The Christmas holidays are coming, and it’s time to start planning transforming your home into a holiday wonderland. Stringing twinkling lights, hanging festive ornaments, and maybe even decorating your sofa with a pillow or two are a few items on your to-do list. But, is your holiday decor still missing something? The holiday touch you might be overlooking is a Christmas tree skirt.

Often considered a mere accessory, a well-chosen tree skirt can be the finishing touch to transform your holiday decor from good to electrifying. Here are a few reasons why a Christmas tree skirt earns a starring role in your holiday décor:

Supreme Accents The Finishing Touch- How a Christmas Tree Skirt EleA Christmas Tree Skirt Frames Your Tree Fabulously

A Christmas Skirt Frames Your Tree Fabulously

A Christmas tree skirt visually defines the base of your tree. It creates a clean and polished look. Additionally, it prevents the exposed tree stand and cords from showing and distracting from the overall look. Imagine a beautifully decorated tree emerging from luxurious velvet – pure holiday magic!

Supreme Accents The Finishing Touch-A Christmas Tree Skirt is a finishing touch to a Cohesive Theme

A Christmas Tree Skirt is a finishing touch to a Cohesive Theme

The right Christmas skirt can tie your entire holiday décor together. Is your theme classic red and green? Choose a skirt in those timeless colors. Do you love the elegance of winter white? A snowy white skirt will create a unified and sophisticated look. What about a modern look of Black and gold? A black and gold skirt will create a breathtaking modern look.

Supreme Accents The Finishing Touch A Christmas Tree Skirts Adds a Whimsical Touch

A Christmas Tree Skirt Adds a Whimsical Touch

Tree skirts come in a dizzying array of styles. From the traditional reds and greens to playful plaids and even fun characters. Inject your personality! A whimsical skirt is a great conversation starter and can add a touch of enjoyment to the holidays and your holiday décor.

Supreme Accents

A Christmas Tree Skirt Highlights Those Beautifully Wrapped Presents

Some of the joy of Christmas morning is the anticipation of seeing those beautifully wrapped gifts under the tree. A Christmas skirt highlights the wonder of those beautifully wrapped gifts until the big reveal, adding to the excitement of the holiday.

Christmas Tree Skirt Protects Floors

Falling pine needles and pine sap can wreak havoc on your floors. Christmas Ornaments can drop unexpectedly. A Christmas tree skirt acts as a barrier, catching debris, and preventing ornament breakage while making cleanup easy.

Supreme Accents The Finishing Touch Choosing the Perfect Tree Skirt

Choosing the Perfect Christmas Skirt

There are so many options available. Therefore, selecting the right Christmas skirt for your tree can seem overwhelming. Here are some things to consider:
Size: Make sure your skirt is large enough to comfortably cover the base of your tree and hide the tree stand. Also, think about the amount of floor space available.
Style: Highlight your holiday décor theme with a Christmas tree skirt by choosing one that complements it. Matchy-matchy works; however, consider a tree skirt that adds to the theme. When decorating for the holidays with snowflakes; a snowflake pattern tree skirt is great. On the other hand, a blue tree skirt with a white fur trim might look fabulous.
Material: From luxurious velvet to cozy faux fur, your chosen materials can add texture and visual interest to your display. Options include burlap, cotton, felt, faux fur, lace, tulle, and damask. Just to name a few.
Functionality: Think about how easy the skirt is to set up and clean. Look for features like a split opening for easy placement or a machine-washable design.


As the Christmas holidays approach, it is time to start planning and transforming your home into a holiday wonderland. While you may already have the typical holiday decorations, such as twinkling lights and festive ornaments, there is one important element that you might be overlooking – a Christmas tree skirt.

Far from being just a simple accessory, a tree skirt is a finishing touch in elevating your holiday decor from good to extraordinary. It not only frames your tree, and ties your theme together. It also adds a touch of whimsy and protects your floors from pine needles and ornaments.

When choosing the perfect tree skirt, consider the size, style, material, and functionality that suits your holiday vision. So this holiday season, don’t overlook the importance of a Christmas tree skirt – it can truly be the finishing touch that takes your holiday decor to the next level. Happy decorating!

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