Creative Wall Art Display Idea

Creative Ways to Displaying Wall Art

Looking for a different way to display wall art in your décor? 

Want to display pictures and collectibles interestingly and uniquely?

Wondering how to display artwork without walls?

Unlock your décor creativity with an innovative way to display art and collectibles.

Creative Ways to Displaying Wall Art

Hang wall art display on a shelf or mantel

Hang art behind collectibles for a vertical and horizontal vignette, and group collections on mantles or shelves. You can also use quilted wall hangings or table runners to add texture. How about a quilted wall hanging for a cozier look? Did you know quilted table runners can be used to decorate walls? Both add texture and personal style. Quilted wall hangings and table runners are available in lots of designs. So finding the perfect style for your décor is easy.

Clustering collectibles with artwork is freer.

This “anything goes” approach offers a great way to change up your look for the season or holiday. This method is ideal for art and collectibles of various sizes and finishes. It is also possible to add to the collection without rearranging everything. Although this approach breaks many rules, here are a few things to consider.

Maintain a consistent theme or color within the collectibles and art.
Place taller items in the back with the smaller pieces in front.
Make a mix of materials and objects
Keep artworks arranged loosely yet balanced.

Although this is a flexible approach, the mantel or shelf size limits the amount to display. So, try not to crowd your items. Make each piece a treasure.

In the End

The art you love can be arranged informally to express your style. Think about the collectibles you can display. Maybe add the soft colors of spring. Or bring in the rich, warm colors of fall. How about adding holiday magic to your décor? So give this innovative approach a try.

What art and collectibles can you blend to display? Send a picture of your creativity. I’d love to see the results.


Creative Ways to Displaying Wall Art

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